Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wedding Colors Ideas

It is important to choose the color scheme of the wedding, since other decisions will be based upon it. It should be among the first things you determine. The color scheme will dictate the wedding flowers, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the decorations, accessories and even the wedding cake. If you have a favorite flower in mind or certain decorations, you can build the color scheme based on those things. Nevertheless, there are many wedding color ideas that you can use and you don’t have to necessarily choose just one, as you can use a maximum of three, being the most appropriate.

If the groom doesn’t mind, the bride can go with pink. This color comes in a variety of shades and can work well no matter the season and no matter how formal or informal is the wedding. If you are having a more casual wedding, light pink is very appropriate. As well, shimmery pink goes very well for a winter wedding. This color can be paired up with chocolate brown, with white, purple and even black. Dark pink can be used without any problems and it goes really well with yellow, green, white and black, gray, lime green, orange and brown. Until you see these combinations together, you will not realize how well they go together.

If you are having a summer wedding, light green is just perfect. It goes well with white, with bright pink, yellow, with chocolate brown and even black. Light green can also be used and you can pair it up with a bolder color to accent the great contrast. There is also forest green, which is darker, emerald green, which goes really nice with ivory and other neutral light colors. For a casual wedding or a fall wedding, you can combine green with beige. Blue works well with any season, especially with winter. Consider light blue with white or silver and you can turn your wedding into a winter wonderland. On the other side, for a summer event, you can use blue with yellow or white.

Red can easily be used with lighter colors to accent the combination. Use it along ivory, white or cream. Red can be very dramatic, but also red symbolizes passion and love, so it is among the most popular colors used. There are also deeper shades of red, like burgundy and maroon, which are suitable for a formal wedding and for fall weddings.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Easy Wedding Food Ideas

Weddings tend to be so expensive these days, as couples go over their heads with the planning and everything. And sometimes it is just out of their league, as the budget can go off the chart so easily. When you are looking for easy wedding food ideas, you can be creative and you can also save a lot of money. By finding some inexpensive things to serve and arranging them beautifully, you can still keep the costs down and the wedding of your dreams will still be happening.

Serving cheese plates will allow guests to serve all types of cheeses, while keeping the costs down. Cheese can be sliced in various sizes and it can be served with fruit and many cracker types. Buying them bulk will save a great deal of money and you can always ask family members to help you with the preparations and with displaying the food. Even choosing a professional catering company, cheese can add elegance to a finger food meal. Tea sandwiches are also easy to prepare and to serve. Ordering tea sandwiches will allow the servers to bring the right amount of food and keep it flowing. There are a variety of sandwiches to choose from, including for vegetarians, seafood sandwiches and so on. Sliders filled with different meat will also do. Other easy wedding food ideas are represented by hors d’oeuvres, such as vegetable platters and deviled eggs.

Moreover, sushi can be served as finger food and it is quite easy to make. You can simply order cooked rolls and vegetable rolls for guests who don’t like eating raw sushi. The food is easy to eat and will have a great success. You can set up a station and everyone can simply come and serve themselves, or you can have waiters pass the platters throughout the reception. A table with food options such as stuffed mushrooms, mini quiches, wings and meatballs will work as a great addition for both indoor and outdoor weddings. You can make the layout quite fancy and such items don’t actually need the clean-up process. Macaroni and cheese work well also for casual weddings and bruschetta can be perfect for those who don’t eat meat.

These are some simple ideas that can make any wedding a great success. Food is quite important at weddings and as long as it is delicious and it looks great, nothing else matters. Guests will appreciate anything with taste. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Preparing For Your Outdoor Wedding

One of the most picturesque weddings imaginable is a gorgeous spring  day, with flowers blooming everywhere, out in the gardens in the  brilliant sunlight. Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, amazing affairs,  but there is a lot that goes into planning and preparing for an outdoor  wedding. Make sure you consider all of the options and what goes into  having an outdoor wedding and think about these things when you make  your final decision.

Time of Year

There are a few factors that go into this consideration. The first is  temperature. You don’t want a day that is too hot, or a day that is too  cold. You don’t want guests freezing and shivering during your ceremony,  but you also don’t want them sweating the whole time either. In most  climates spring and early fall are the best time to have you wedding,  but depending on your location that can differ. If you are further north  a summer wedding might be perfectly enjoyable, and if you’re further  south a wedding in the later fall might be what you want. Also take into  consideration the precipitation in your area. Although you certainly  can’t control if it rains, in some places during some seasons it’s more  likely than others. Become familiar with your local weather.


There are many places that you can have an outdoor wedding, but make  sure you pick a place that best accommodates your needs. While a  backyard wedding might seem quaint, if you are planning on inviting  hundreds of people it might not be realistic. There are many other  lovely outdoor options if you do your research. For instance, your  hometown might have a botanical garden or a city park that you could  rent for a small fee that would work wonderfully. Many reception sites  also offer outdoor locations on their premises, and they are prepared to  handle outdoor weddings.

Always Have a Back-Up Plan

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, no matter how much research you  do and how well you plan, there is always a chance that mother nature  might interfere in some way. Whether it is excessive heat, a  thunderstorm, or even unexpected snow, make sure you have an  alternative. The best alternative is to have an indoor location  available. Perhaps it’s another property owned by the place that you are  renting your outdoor space from. You could also go with tents for you  wedding, which will cover you in case of rain. Just keep in mind that  you’ll need big tents with plenty of space, because guests seated at the  edge of the tents may just get a shower they don’t want if there’s wind  that day.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Perfect Outdoor Weddings Can Be In Tents

How do you like my play on words in the title? The truth is, every wedding—no matter where it takes place—is a little intense, especially for the bride who wants everything to go smoothly, which is virtually every bride. Outdoor weddings are as lovely, if not more, than their indoor counterparts, but there’s an added level of concern when you get married al fresco—you never know what kind of wedding gift Mother Nature will bring to your once-in-a-lifetime moment. There’s no good way to gift-wrap rain, wind, oppressive heat and humidity or one of her other atmospheric eccentricities, so you may want to take the wind out of Mother Nature’s sails with a tent.

The Best Big Top for Your Big Day

There are three basic tent styles for large, outdoor affairs like weddings: traditional pole tents, frame tents and high-peak tents. Sometimes the location will dictate what type of tent you require, and sometimes it’s simply your personal preference. Why don’t we take a look at all three to see which one will work best for you?

Traditional Pole Tent

 The most popular tent is the traditional pole-type tent. This tent has center poles (or more, depending on the tent’s size) and requires tension to hold the in the air. Pole tents are staked for additional stability. Most types of tents come in several materials that include canvas, nylon, polyester or transparent vinyl.

Frame Tent

A frame tent is a free-standing, galvanized-steel or aluminum-pipe structure with no center pole, but frame tents still require the same rope- or cable-anchoring system as a pole-supported tent to hold it in place. If your reception will last through the night, consider getting a frame tent made of transparent vinyl, so you and your guests can see the the magic of a moonlit night, stars and any outdoor-landscape illumination. Check out the video below to see a clear, frame tent:

High-Peak Pole or Frame Tent

 You already know tents come in lots of different styles and shapes. Tents also come in a variety of colors, though white is the most popular for weddings. If you want something with a little more pizazz for your wedding tent, ask about high-peak tents. As you can see from the photo at the right, high-peak tents are reminiscent of medieval tents that had tall, pointed tops. There’s a photo of a high-peak-tent interior at the right. You can obtain high-peak tents that require poles or are built with a steel or aluminum framework so poles aren’t necessary.

Do your homework when you go tent shopping. Find out which type of tent can best withstand the weather patterns in your region during the month or season you’ve chosen to get married. Pick the right tent, and you’ll have one less reason to be tense about your wedding day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Country Western Wedding Theme Ideas

If you and your groom are looking to saddle up on your wedding day, “The Wild West” would be the perfect theme for you! With this fun theme you can choose to have your vows exchanged at a cottage, a farm, a ranch or even a picnic park, it’s all up you!  Make sure that you double check on any permits that you may need.

First you should plan to have the wedding location decked out in country western decorations! Here’s a great idea: find some cowboy boots from a thrift store, fill them with your favorite flowers and use them as nice centerpieces.  If there are any picnic tables around, use red checkered table cloths and hay bales for seating. If you have any trees or bushes nearby, you could string lights all through to add some drama to your western wedding ceremony.

Second, if you are having a “Wild West” wedding theme it’s a must that you some country tunes to go along with the ceremony.  Trust me, your guest will have a blast square dancing and line dancing to some good old country music.

In addition to the good country music, we can’t forget about the food for the reception.  It’s not a real wedding hoedown without some finger licking barbeque, roast pigs fried chicken and ribs. Your guest will definitely be ready for a hearty meal after all of that of dancing.

To be sure that you are staying true to your “Wild West” theme here are some extra tips that will help you have the hoedown wedding of your dreams.When you send out invitations make sure they have a western theme. For example, cowboy boot invitations or cactus invitations, anything that ties in with country western will be fabulous!If you want to incorporate your theme into your wedding attire, the bride could wear some rhinestone encrusted cowboy boots and the groom could wear a cowboy hat.To top it all off at the end of the reception, you and your groom could leave via hay ride or horse drawn carriage! That will absolutely end the night country western style!

Since you couldn’t make it to the west to have your wedding, these great ideas will help bring “The Wild West” to you and help you have a remarkable wedding shindig!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ski Wedding Planning Tips

With winter just around the corner, “winter wonderland” weddings bells will soon be ringing! The thought of the snow falling, mountaintops covered with powdery snow, and the smell of the fresh mountain air sends chills all over you. But once you stop to think about the planning that goes into a ski wedding, that chilly feeling suddenly melts away and reality sets in. But don’t fear here are a few tips that can help your winter-wonderland wedding come to life.

The first thing you should do is choose a ski resort that accommodates everyone. There are many wonderful places you can go to ski, but don’t forget about your guests. Not everyone may want to hit the slopes. Make sure, when picking your resort, it offers a variety of activities for everyone. Next on your list is finding a local wedding planner. I know you are wondering, “Do I really need a wedding consultant?” The answer is “Yes, you really do!” The local wedding planner will know all about the ski resort and what it offers. The wedding planner will also be able to handle all the leg work regarding the wedding, so you, the groom, the wedding party and your guests can kick back and enjoy your special time together.

Next, you must book the resort early. Again, you must book the resort early. In order for you to get your arrangements in sync with your wedding day, it would be best if you booked at least 12 months in advance. As soon as your arrangements are confirmed, send out a save-the-date card so your friends and family can make travel arrangements. In addition, you’ll help your guests by having your wedding planner provide a detailed itinerary for each person attending the nuptials. Make sure the itinerary includes:

  • A map of the area
  • Transportation arrangements to and from events
  • Wedding planner’s phone number and emergency contact information

Finally, consider taking your own photographer with you. Hire a photographer located near you, so you can meet and see his or her work before you commit. Remember, photos are the greatest memories, and you want to make sure you have a good photographer, because there’s only one chance to get fabulous wedding photos. With these wonderful tips to guide you, you can relax, think good thoughts and get ready to be the Snow Queen at your spectacular winter ski wedding!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bridal Party Gifts For Your Summer Outdoor Wedding

If your summer wedding is an outdoor event, then why restrict your bridesmaid and groomsman gifts to the tired old standbys? Consider passing up the expected fountain pens and crystal earrings in favor of something more unexpected that matches the theme of your outdoor setting. You have spent great amounts of time creating an outdoor wedding that reflects the beauty of nature during summer; shouldn’t the wedding party gifts reflect that rustic spirit as well?

Many outdoorsy or nature-inspired gifts can be appreciated by both groomsmen and bridesmaids. Here are just a few ideas:

– For a casual outdoor wedding, consider monogrammed outdoors or sporting items. What groomsman would not love a barbeque kit, cooler seat, insulated lunch bag or party beverage cooler personalized with his initials? Bridesmaids are sure to appreciate rustic, yet beautiful equipment that they can use on a romantic picnic or trip to the beach, such as a canvas picnic basket or insulated wine chiller bearing their monogram.

– Who says that a gift has to be something that can be unwrapped? Many groomsmen and bridesmaids love to receive gift certificates. Why not select a gift certificate for a fun summer activity? Consider certificates for white-water rafting, horseback riding, canoeing, or any adventure activity that members of your wedding party would enjoy. Tuck the gift certificate into a beautiful handmade envelope made of an organic, rustic paper.

– For a summer beach wedding, consider having wedding party gifts crafted of genuine sea glass. There are many sea glass artists to be found on the internet and elsewhere who would love to custom design and create sea glass cufflinks for the groomsmen and sea glass pendant necklaces for the bridesmaids. Have them made in the colors and spirit of your wedding d├ęcor.

– How about giving the wedding party something they will definitely be able to use, perhaps even before the wedding reception is over? A pair of nice designer sunglasses will get a lot of mileage during the summer days following the event. They will also earn you quite a bit of ‘friendship’ mileage. Your maid of honor will adore you after you give her a great pair of designer shades! If you are unsure of styles, just go with the current favorites: Ray-Ban Aviators or over-sized Versace shades.

These were just a few ideas to get you started. Really consider all the summer activities your wedding party enjoys. From gardening to golf, you will soon see that there are many outdoor-inspired or nature themed gifts to choose from. At very least, consider revamping a traditional gift with a decoration, motif, or engraving that embodies the spirit of your outdoor wedding theme. This theme, be it tropical, garden party, woodland or floral, can be the focal point of the perfect bridesmaid or groomsman gifts for your summer outdoor wedding.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Butterfly Themed Wedding Ideas

Let your creative juices flow and create a one of a kind outdoor wedding theme for your special day! Yes, I am talking about a butterfly garden wedding theme! If you are a lover of butterflies of all sorts you will definitely enjoy planning your outdoor wedding.  The butterfly wedding theme is perfect for the summer and gives your wedding a colorful look. I have some great ideas that will make your butterfly themed outdoor wedding come to life beautifully!

What to wear at your butterfly themed outdoor ceremony?

First, you must select your butterfly inspiration. If you are having all different types of butterflies then you should stick with pastel or bright colors. If you choose to select specific butterflies you can select colors based on their shade.Once you have your colors you can accent the bridesmaids attire dresses with a butterfly necklace, butterfly earrings, charm bracelets or tiaras with rhinestone butterflies. This incorporates the butterfly theme easily.The flower girls dresses offer the most room to show off the butterfly theme. You may get a dress that already has butterfly embroidered on them, or you may choose to have butterfly wings on your flower girls’ backs.The men’s attire could incorporate the butterfly theme by wearing butterfly cufflinks or they could use a small cloth butterfly as a boutonniere.

How to turn your outdoor wedding venue into a butterfly garden?

Do a release of the butterflies; this would make a lovely statement for your ceremony.Have fabric butterfly decorations wired into floral decorations .Allow wired fabric butterflies to drape around the outside venues, in trees or around the tent.Order a butterfly cake. You can accent the cake with a butterfly topperI hope these great ideas help you along the way! Just remember be creative and have fun!!