Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Preparing For Your Outdoor Wedding

One of the most picturesque weddings imaginable is a gorgeous spring  day, with flowers blooming everywhere, out in the gardens in the  brilliant sunlight. Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, amazing affairs,  but there is a lot that goes into planning and preparing for an outdoor  wedding. Make sure you consider all of the options and what goes into  having an outdoor wedding and think about these things when you make  your final decision.

Time of Year

There are a few factors that go into this consideration. The first is  temperature. You don’t want a day that is too hot, or a day that is too  cold. You don’t want guests freezing and shivering during your ceremony,  but you also don’t want them sweating the whole time either. In most  climates spring and early fall are the best time to have you wedding,  but depending on your location that can differ. If you are further north  a summer wedding might be perfectly enjoyable, and if you’re further  south a wedding in the later fall might be what you want. Also take into  consideration the precipitation in your area. Although you certainly  can’t control if it rains, in some places during some seasons it’s more  likely than others. Become familiar with your local weather.


There are many places that you can have an outdoor wedding, but make  sure you pick a place that best accommodates your needs. While a  backyard wedding might seem quaint, if you are planning on inviting  hundreds of people it might not be realistic. There are many other  lovely outdoor options if you do your research. For instance, your  hometown might have a botanical garden or a city park that you could  rent for a small fee that would work wonderfully. Many reception sites  also offer outdoor locations on their premises, and they are prepared to  handle outdoor weddings.

Always Have a Back-Up Plan

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, no matter how much research you  do and how well you plan, there is always a chance that mother nature  might interfere in some way. Whether it is excessive heat, a  thunderstorm, or even unexpected snow, make sure you have an  alternative. The best alternative is to have an indoor location  available. Perhaps it’s another property owned by the place that you are  renting your outdoor space from. You could also go with tents for you  wedding, which will cover you in case of rain. Just keep in mind that  you’ll need big tents with plenty of space, because guests seated at the  edge of the tents may just get a shower they don’t want if there’s wind  that day.

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