Sunday, January 8, 2017

Butterfly Themed Wedding Ideas

Let your creative juices flow and create a one of a kind outdoor wedding theme for your special day! Yes, I am talking about a butterfly garden wedding theme! If you are a lover of butterflies of all sorts you will definitely enjoy planning your outdoor wedding.  The butterfly wedding theme is perfect for the summer and gives your wedding a colorful look. I have some great ideas that will make your butterfly themed outdoor wedding come to life beautifully!

What to wear at your butterfly themed outdoor ceremony?

First, you must select your butterfly inspiration. If you are having all different types of butterflies then you should stick with pastel or bright colors. If you choose to select specific butterflies you can select colors based on their shade.Once you have your colors you can accent the bridesmaids attire dresses with a butterfly necklace, butterfly earrings, charm bracelets or tiaras with rhinestone butterflies. This incorporates the butterfly theme easily.The flower girls dresses offer the most room to show off the butterfly theme. You may get a dress that already has butterfly embroidered on them, or you may choose to have butterfly wings on your flower girls’ backs.The men’s attire could incorporate the butterfly theme by wearing butterfly cufflinks or they could use a small cloth butterfly as a boutonniere.

How to turn your outdoor wedding venue into a butterfly garden?

Do a release of the butterflies; this would make a lovely statement for your ceremony.Have fabric butterfly decorations wired into floral decorations .Allow wired fabric butterflies to drape around the outside venues, in trees or around the tent.Order a butterfly cake. You can accent the cake with a butterfly topperI hope these great ideas help you along the way! Just remember be creative and have fun!!

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