Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Country Western Wedding Theme Ideas

If you and your groom are looking to saddle up on your wedding day, “The Wild West” would be the perfect theme for you! With this fun theme you can choose to have your vows exchanged at a cottage, a farm, a ranch or even a picnic park, it’s all up you!  Make sure that you double check on any permits that you may need.

First you should plan to have the wedding location decked out in country western decorations! Here’s a great idea: find some cowboy boots from a thrift store, fill them with your favorite flowers and use them as nice centerpieces.  If there are any picnic tables around, use red checkered table cloths and hay bales for seating. If you have any trees or bushes nearby, you could string lights all through to add some drama to your western wedding ceremony.

Second, if you are having a “Wild West” wedding theme it’s a must that you some country tunes to go along with the ceremony.  Trust me, your guest will have a blast square dancing and line dancing to some good old country music.

In addition to the good country music, we can’t forget about the food for the reception.  It’s not a real wedding hoedown without some finger licking barbeque, roast pigs fried chicken and ribs. Your guest will definitely be ready for a hearty meal after all of that of dancing.

To be sure that you are staying true to your “Wild West” theme here are some extra tips that will help you have the hoedown wedding of your dreams.When you send out invitations make sure they have a western theme. For example, cowboy boot invitations or cactus invitations, anything that ties in with country western will be fabulous!If you want to incorporate your theme into your wedding attire, the bride could wear some rhinestone encrusted cowboy boots and the groom could wear a cowboy hat.To top it all off at the end of the reception, you and your groom could leave via hay ride or horse drawn carriage! That will absolutely end the night country western style!

Since you couldn’t make it to the west to have your wedding, these great ideas will help bring “The Wild West” to you and help you have a remarkable wedding shindig!

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