Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ski Wedding Planning Tips

With winter just around the corner, “winter wonderland” weddings bells will soon be ringing! The thought of the snow falling, mountaintops covered with powdery snow, and the smell of the fresh mountain air sends chills all over you. But once you stop to think about the planning that goes into a ski wedding, that chilly feeling suddenly melts away and reality sets in. But don’t fear here are a few tips that can help your winter-wonderland wedding come to life.

The first thing you should do is choose a ski resort that accommodates everyone. There are many wonderful places you can go to ski, but don’t forget about your guests. Not everyone may want to hit the slopes. Make sure, when picking your resort, it offers a variety of activities for everyone. Next on your list is finding a local wedding planner. I know you are wondering, “Do I really need a wedding consultant?” The answer is “Yes, you really do!” The local wedding planner will know all about the ski resort and what it offers. The wedding planner will also be able to handle all the leg work regarding the wedding, so you, the groom, the wedding party and your guests can kick back and enjoy your special time together.

Next, you must book the resort early. Again, you must book the resort early. In order for you to get your arrangements in sync with your wedding day, it would be best if you booked at least 12 months in advance. As soon as your arrangements are confirmed, send out a save-the-date card so your friends and family can make travel arrangements. In addition, you’ll help your guests by having your wedding planner provide a detailed itinerary for each person attending the nuptials. Make sure the itinerary includes:

  • A map of the area
  • Transportation arrangements to and from events
  • Wedding planner’s phone number and emergency contact information

Finally, consider taking your own photographer with you. Hire a photographer located near you, so you can meet and see his or her work before you commit. Remember, photos are the greatest memories, and you want to make sure you have a good photographer, because there’s only one chance to get fabulous wedding photos. With these wonderful tips to guide you, you can relax, think good thoughts and get ready to be the Snow Queen at your spectacular winter ski wedding!

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